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Polyamide ring casings Pecta Ring
  • Polyamide ring casings Pecta Ring
  • Polyamide ring casings Pecta Ring
  • Polyamide ring casings Pecta Ring

Polyamide ring casings Pecta Ring

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Country of manufacture:Poland
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The line of ring covers of Podanfol is called Pecta Ring. They reveal and jam gradually, controllably, creating a product of the rounded-off form with the set internal diameter and the repeating radius. At the same time the caliber of a cover remains stable. Such covers are called ring. Pecta Ring is issued in calibers from 28 to 65 millimeters only in the gofrokukl that guarantees optimum quality. Podanfol completely revised the production technology of ring covers and starts new Pecta Ring with unique and unprecedented properties.

Pecta Ring - the cover of a ring-shaped form giving fine final effect thanks to the unprecedented properties:

  • Observance of caliber at the high speed of stuffing / klipsovaniya.
  • Correct general form and accurate internal radius.
  • High shrinkage and resistance to wrinkling - for a smooth surface.
  • Stable caliber of the final product, without tendency to considerable deviations.

Pecta Ring is made in wide color gamut (see a standard palette), at will with drawing the UV printing, in gofrokukla with an adjustable compression depending on a method of application, the used equipment and a compounding of sausages.

The main feature of new Podanfol technology for production of a ring cover is a stable final product with the set parameters:

  • Rather uniform thickness of a wall of a cover with external and inside;
  • Predictability of shrinkage thanks to the uniform thickness of a wall;
  • The uniform shrinkage providing a complete hard external form;
  • Final caliber without tendency to excess as the cover is well thermally stabilized;
  • Due to the uniformity of thickness, a gofrokukla cover wall after goffering are not overwound therefore there is no danger of a rupture of a cover during stuffing by high-speed cars;
  • Stabler internal diameter after soaking (cold shrinkage is less, than at traditional technology of receiving a ring form), of filling, a klipsovaniye and cookings.

The internal sizes of a ring are important and are established at the request of the customer depending on features of a compounding, variations of heat treatment and other factors.

Pecta Smoke Ring treats a line of the products intended for smoking. It is the patented cover differing on appearance and properties of finished goods. We offer two main types of ring covers Pecta Smoke: Pecta Smoke Ring TC (elastic, overwound, high-adapted, is issued in small calibers) and Pecta Smoke Ring D (is suitable for a klipsovaniye, is issued in small and wide calibers).

Main characteristics of this group of covers:

  • The smooth opaque surface reminding natural materials;
  • Uniformity of caliber and internal radius of a ring for the set weight of a portion of forcemeat and the used equipment;
  • For a retwist without clips on linker (Handtmann, Vemag, etc.) - for Pecta Smoke Ring TC;
  • Small and controlled loss of weight;
  • Good adhesion to forcemeat (is regulated);
  • Possibility of a gofration of big metric area in gofrokukla thanks to a tonkostennost.

The key moment at the order or selection of a ring cover is the ring geometry. The ring can be open, at the same time it is important to specify distance from a clip to a clip (CCD). If the client chooses the closed ring in the form of a letter U, the internal diameter (ID) is very important. In case of an open ring such parameters have the defining value: distance between clip-on earrings (CCD) and the theoretical internal diameter (ID) which is not visualized on rather small portion of sausages. The distance between clip-on earrings on ready sausages with an open ring also exerts impact on expansion coefficient during stuffing / klipsovaniya, the cooking temperature, a compounding and other essential technological parameters.



Designation of a cover Range of calibers Range of internal diameters Range of the corresponding weight portions of sausages ()
Pecta Ring ID 200_260 45 - 60 200 - 260 200 - 1500
Pecta Ring ID 150_220 40 - 50 150 - 220 150 - 600
Pecta Ring ID 120_150 32 - 40 120 - 150 100 - 300
Pecta Ring ID 100_120 28 - 35 100 - 120 80 - 200
Country of manufacture:Poland
Length: 20-50, 30-80 m
Shell type:Artificial casing
Diameter: 28-65 mm
Information is up-to-date: 27.04.2021

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